Top 10 Ways to be neglected

Here are the ultimate ten (10) ways of NOT gaining their trust and the delay of your success in IBC.
  •  1. Showing Up Late During Meeting
  • 2. Thinking that Being Absent is No Big Deal, Or Doesn’t Make A Difference
  • 3. Preparing your 60 seconds at the very Last Minute
  • 4. Using Others “60 Sec” Presentations Time To Think Of Referral To Give
  • 5. Focusing Your Efforts on Selling Rather being of Service To The Members
  • 6. No urgency in Following Up On Member Referrals.
  • 7. Using the Face 2 Face meetings to Talk About Other Stuffs
  • 8. Airing Your Grievances during meetings Among Your Members And Guests.
  • 9. Not making an effort to Invite Guests and Just Focussing On Those Who Show Up at meetings
  • 10. Not Making good use of your 10 Minutes presentation to educate
    members of your business and services


Knowing how important your seat in IBC is, and value of the time that you spend each week will allow you to put a business value of your time. Success in IBC comes when the rest of the members trust you enough to open up their best referral to you and vice versa. Until they’ve seen your work, you have to earn their trust by demonstrating your professionalism at all times.