Looking for Great Referrals

How do we convert good referrals to Chapter members?
Always remember the Motto:-

  •  SME GAINS – Know the difference between Leads & Referrals Leads are prospective only.
  • Referral- Someone who is expecting a call from the person you’ve referred.

Steps to get Referrals:

  •  Listen to requirements. When you hear a requirement that matches someone you know, bring out your IBC business card file and take note of what you’ve heard. Ask them if it’s okay for your IBC colleague to contact them. If the prospect isn’t interested in receiving a call, that person may not be a good referral. Members of some professions are not allowed to phone potential clients, but you may be able to make an introductory call yourself. You need to know about their profession.
  • Be entirely honest about what you know about both people.If your fellow IBC member charges high rates, say so. If you don’t know much about the prospect, say that, too.
  • If the referral is hot, pass it right away. Don’t wait for the IBC meeting. Your colleague could miss an opportunity.
  • Don’t give marginal referrals. Bad referrals hurt your reputation in the chapter.High-quality referrals are more likely to turn into sales.

To get more referral in the chapter we should get more members and the same time educate them about your products & services in order for them to look for referrals. A master networker carries his/her entire network with them at all times and can make connections that benefit people in different industries, interest groups and geographic areas who probably would never have heard of each other without their help. This requires a strong desire to help others succeed. Constantly be on the lookout for people who need the services a member of your network provides. Networking skills are the No. 1 requirement; the setting only makes it easier to use these skills. Simply being a member of a strong contact group does not entitle you to expect or receive referrals. Nor does being a member of a casual-contact .group limit the number of referrals you can generate or receive, if you have the skills and use them.