How to Participate in IBC

The success of IBC comes from all Chapter members. Each one of them has the ability to look and introduce YOU to, the best referrals by sharing their list of clientele. This will ONLY happen when YOU have gained their confidence and TRUST of the How do YOU do that?

1. Simply showing up each week for meetings

2. Come early and network amongst the guests. Don’t be antisocial till the bell rings!

3. You have only 60 sec to introduce yourself & your services – be clear,
concise & straight to the point.

4. Give it YOUR ALL by participating 100% in the meetings

5. Listen to all members as they present. Take notes as to who is looking for what.

6. Write your Slips Clearly: Contact person name and level of referrals

7. Acknowledge your activity during the face-to-face, Q&A and end it with a Thank note

8. Create VCP = Visibility, Creditability and Profitability in all meetings.