Following Up on Referrals

If you’ve GIVEN or PROVIDED a referral, make sure that you follow up with the recipient to
ensure that you’ve given a GOOD referral. Never assume that NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS.
It isn’t.
If you GET a referral, make it your highest priority. You have to show that you’re good at
what you do, that you can provide the expected products or services, and that your
customers are happy with the result and with you.
Understand that a referral in IBC is NOT a guaranteed sale – it’s the OPPORTUNITY to do
business with someone who is in the market for your product or service. The referral is only
SALES SKILLS are essential here. 34% of IBC referrals turn into sales. That’s a huge
number but it doesn’t happen automatically. You really have to BECOME GOOD AT SALES.
What do you do if a problem comes up? FIX IT. Whatever it takes FIX IT! The first thing you
do is talk to the member you gave the referral to. Clear, open, honest, communication is the
best way to address a problem like this. It doesn’t have to be a confrontation.

Some of the possibilities are:

  •  It wasn’t a good referral, even though you thought it was.
  • They lost the contact information or dialed the wrong number.
  • They’re disorganized and haven’t followed through.

If it wasn’t a good referral, find out why. If the person hasn’t gotten around in following through, explain to them when a referral is given, it part of your reputation. If the member still doesn’t follow up, you can contact the membership committee. Don’t complain about this member to anyone BUT the membership committee, and don’t talk to the membership committee UNTIL you talk to the member. Gossip will destroy the morale of the IBC chapter. Remember: clear, open, honest communication.

In summary:

  • If you give a referral, follow up to make sure it was a good referral
  • If you get a referral, immediately make it your highest priority
  • Sales is a necessary part of your business – get good at it!
  • If problems arise, handle them quickly and honorably
  • Give feedback on the effectiveness of the referral

If you get good at all of this you will get a higher quantity and quality referrals!