Effective 60sec Presentations

Each week you will have the opportunity to educate your member’s on how to identify prospect, open a conversation, ask relevant question and get permission for you to speak to the prospect about the possibility of doing business, and inform members of your target market for the week.

To achieve this we will show how to divide it 5 specific sections:

  • Section 1 – Introduction 15 seconds
  • Section 2 – Focus Area 15 seconds
  • Section 3 – Story/ Testimonial 15 seconds
  • Section 4 – Call for Action 10 seconds
  • Section 5 – Memory Hook 5 seconds

Section 1

Name, Your Position & Company Name,Location of Office,Overview of Products or Services.

Section 2

Customers you are looking for if possible the person in charge of the company.Plan your marketing strategy.

Section 3

Tell your unique selling propositions (USP) your value added service, the
benefit and how you are different from your competitors. During time make sure it is genuine and it is real thing happen and believable.

Section 4

Ask your members to take actions by asking:-

  • Ask do you know who requires your services
  • An ideal referral for this week for me for this week
  • A good referral for me for this week

Section 5

Memory hook can translate into more opportunities for you, were in will always linger in your members mind all the time.

  • By drawing attentions to your name Men always on (MENON)
  • Highlight Your Company Everybody can Fly (Airasia)
  • Using Products name JUST DO IT

Many major companies believe in it. Why cant we? It gave them recognitions them value in it.