Effective 10 Min Presentations

Most new members don’t fully appreciate the difference between networking organizations and a referral organization such as IBC. Whereas there is always the temptation to sell to one another at any gathering, such practice is positively discouraged. Referrals take trust, confidence in the other person and this takes time. Next comes understanding. Referrals come from establishing a clear understanding of what someone else wants in the way of a referral or a business contact. This means that you are responsible for being clear about what you want. You need to educate your fellow members, not sell to them. Not easy, the temptation is to focus on what you actually do assuming that chapter members will automatically understand what you want. Some members get into the bad habit of turning up without preparing their 60 sec, so the temptation is to ‘think on your feet’ and tell everyone what you do, again. Come prepared each week.

10 Steps for Successful Minute Presentations

  • Step 1:
    Establish your credibility and experience with your Biography Sheet.

    The Biography sheets adds color and personality and is used as an introduction by the Sec. Treasurer. Make it fun ad interesting. Remember
    people buy you first.

  • Step 2:
    You are not selling to just sharing

    It is not important that those in the room buys your product. You primary focus during your ten minute presentation is to trigger the subconscious of the audience so they say can think of someone they can refer.

  • Step 3:
    Establish eye contact with every person, smile, and convey your enthusiasm.

    Create a display of your products, marketing material, literature in
    Position your visual support (AV etc.) where everyone can see it. Test it
    first. If you hand out too much information you may lose the focus of the

  • Step 4:
    Who are you present customers?

    Everyone needs to know what kind of person already buys your product
    and why. Who are your customers?
    Tell us about your existing customer base
    Describe the trade sectors you service (groups of people)
    Describe why they choose you and the benefits they get
    Remember, different clients will seek out different benefits

  • Step 5:
    What new clients are you looking for?

    Are you seeking introductions into new markets?
    Do you wish to expand new markets?
    Be as specific as you can.
    Name the companies you want introductions to.

  • Step 6:
    Help us spot a new client for you

    What should we listen or look out for when we are out and about that
    could lead to a referral?
    The need for help (and your services) leave clues.
    When you see this… I will be able to help me
    When you hear this… I will be able to help me
    Educate us in these areas and then tell us what we could say.

  • Step 7:
    Remember that facts Tell, stories Sell

    We all love stories and stories about how you have helped specific clients help us understand.Stories are visual, that is why they work.

  • Step 8:
    Get Visual

    Don’t rely on just talking to the chapter
    The more visual it is better for you.
    Can you show us before and after photos. Add advantages
    Can you involve the audience? How?

  • Step 9:
    Get your timing right

    Arrange with the Secretary Treasurer your slot at the prompt time
    Most cases you will be warned at 5 minutes and with 2 minutes to go
    Allow for questions within this time

  • Step 10:
    Think of strategic relationships you would like to create

    What kind of business, not represented by the group would find it easy to
    refer you?
    Think power teams … strengthen your circle of influence?