Founder Notes

IBC or Indian Business Community is the first English-speaking Indian referral organization and we aim to be one of the most successful business and professional network organization of its type in Malaysia.

Started in the month of April 2016 with only 72 mobile phone contacts, the vision of setting up this network organization came about when the founder was representing a business group at the Asian Summit. It was there he realized there weren’t any business entrepreneurs being represented in Asia. To rectify this, the founder conceptualize the vision to start an Indian Business Referral Network and this network group is now off the ground.

Ladies & gentlemen, welcome to the – IBC.

The philosophy of IBC is simple – SME GAINS. That is if I give you business, you would want to reciprocate that relationship, not by way of commissions but by giving me business referrals in return. IBC is about building trust and long lasting relationships. It is about farming for business and not hunting amongst ourselves.

Moving forward lets go and multiply by inviting other business associates to join us.