About us

Indian Business Community better known as IBC is a dynamic organisation that connects Trade, Services and Professionals across borders. As a networking platform for the Indian Business Community, IBC members strive to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation to achieve prosperity, economic growth and job opportunities.

Having its inception since the beginning of 2016, IBC Subang Jaya was the first of its initiation and pioneering symposium in Malaysia. The philosophy of IBC lays ground on two important fundamentals – Trust and Relationships. It is through these basics that IBC promotes the power of “SME Gains” to provide fervent paths in growing businesses.

When there is trust present amongst the members, only then there can be sustainability in the business environment. Through relationships it transgresses into strategic partnership which is beneficial to our members. In the long run, businesses are dependent on networking to achieve success in both short and long-term goals. Positive business relationships sprout chances for prosperity for an individual or teams when these fundamentals are being upheld.

Our Vision

  • To be a dynamic and globally conducive platform for the Indian Business Community members and Indian SME’s to offer diverse opportunities and trade services at all levels through a global referral programme.

Our Mission

  • To empower the Indian Business Community and Indian SMEs to promote business collaboration beyond borders across the world.

Our Objective

  • Our objective is to be the gateway for the Indian Business Community and SMEs can leverage on the concept of “SME Gains” to generate new business referrals for each other to satisfy the needs of current and future consumers.

Core Values

IBC’s core values are built on five guiding principles which forms the foundation on ethical networking.

  • To build trust and strive for team member’s excellence.
  • To create ongoing win-win relationships and referrals.
  • We aim to serve and support our local and global communities.
  • To treat members with integrity, professionalism, dignity and respect.
  • To conduct ourselves and our business affairs with sincerity.